Our i-CAP Program provides partners with marketing resource to create effective marketing and lead generation campaigns.


Develop dedicated campaigns specific to your target market.


We will customise the campaign to your corporate branding.


Assist with launching your


We will analyse the results with you and your team.

Our team can work with you from concept and design through to production and implementation on individual or ongoing lead generation campaigns including:

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is becoming a fundamental part of a reseller’s armoury to generate new business. Using the right combination of techniques, Direct Marketing.


Email Direct Marketing is one of the best advertising technique because of its cost-effectiveness and its quick exposure way of presenting one’s product.


The fine art of telemarketing is down to the right company who knows about the IT industry and the right script written by our IT experts.

Events and Seminars

Running successful conferences and seminars provides an invaluable way of keeping your customers aware of your latest technical advances.

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