ObserveIT is a pioneer in user activity monitoring, and the only company that provides tailored analytics, alerting and bullet-proof visual forensics to effectively address the growing risk of user-based threats. With a completely software-based solution, ObserveIT provides instant value by allowing companies to follow users across any system and records every action, keystroke, application or file they access. By alerting companies to suspicious behaviour in real-time – and providing forensic evidence on exactly what happened – ObserveIT is uniquely able to help companies prevent the loss of sensitive corporate and customer information,

Visual Session Recording

  • Monitor and record all user activity on Windows and Unix/Linux servers and desktops.
  • Generate video recordings, user activity logs, behavioural analytics and real-time alerts.
  • Play back user sessions showing exactly what occurred on screen during the session.

User Activity Logs

  • Transcribe every session into easy-to-read user activity logs.
  • Activity analysis can be used to generate reports and real-time user activity alerts.
  • Keyword searches and video triggers.


  • User activity reporting provides total application coverage, for regular business users, privileged IT users and external contractors.
  • Video playback provide a bullet-proof audit trail of user activity.
  • Pre-built and customizable user activity audit reports exportable to Excel or XML.

User Behaviour Analytics

  • Automatically and continuously profiles the behaviour of every user.
  • Analyses and detects out of policy, malicious or negligent behaviour.

Real Time Activity Alerting

  • Rule based triggers and alerts can be configured to instantly notify abnormal or suspicious user activity.
  • Alert links allow you to stream user session to determine if it is warranted.
  • User Messaging & Session Kills can be utilized to warm the user of suspicious behaviour.