Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service headquartered in Washington, DC that provides a revolutionary peer-to-peer global platform of encrypted services for mobile devices that enable private and secure voice, video, text and file transfer services through a secure, proprietary network, software and mobiles apps. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and best-selling author, and Phil Zimmermann, the world famous Silicon Valley creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2013 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame.

What is Silent Phone?

Your answer to voice & video calls.

Cell/WiFi mobile voice and video on demand. Switch from voice to video with the swipe of a finger for the added personal touch or most important visual validation of the parties involved in a call.

Secure multi-call functionality: be able to conference together up to 6 other Silent Circle users. Our technology turns your device in a Secure Conference Bridge center so you can facilitate group calling securely and remotely anywhere in the world. Experience unlimited calling worldwide Silent Phone to Silent Phone *

An easy to download app for iOS and Android devices that will provide you with HD quality calling over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.

* requires cellular or WIFI connectivity.

What is Silent Text?

Our revolutionary peer-to-peer technology allows you to send documents: any file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, PDFs, CAD drawings, etc.), any movie, any picture, map locations, URLs and calendar invites.

Enable the Burn Notification for a recall of the Silent Text you did not mean to send or to dissolve any and all traces of the text message (and attachments) for your device and the one you sent to (must be between Silent Circle subscribers). Enable secure geo-location: you decide when to and when not to include geo-location coordinates.

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