Watchful Software is focused on providing data-centric information protection that works. With the massive amounts that have been invested in securing the network perimeter, one thing has become painfully clear: today’s enterprises must secure the information itself.

Watchful Software provides advanced persistent security solutions that keep sensitive information safe from security breaches resulting from either accidental or malicious disclosure.

To ensure constant, vigilant protection of sensitive and confidential information, Watchful’s product portfólio includes:


A leading edge data-centric information security solution. With RightsWATCH, an enterprise’s information can be encrypted so that only those with express authorization to that information AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME can access and use it, regardless of where it is. Whether that information is stored on a corporate server, on a laptop, on a web-drive, or on a USB key…only those with the express rights to that information at that moment in time can use it. Further, this is supported in the ubiquitous Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment, so that authorized users can use encrypted content even if they are remote with only a tablet or smartphone available.


An exciting new solution in the realm of eBiometrics. Without requiring any specialized hardware, the TypeWATCH solution can continually validate the identity of a user interacting with a system/application even after they have signed on with the standard UserID/password credentials, providing constant vigilance. Powerful keystroke dynamic algorithms continually validate that the user accessing the system is authorized by comparing real-time interaction with the user’s ‘digital fingerprint’ to ensure that there is no breach due to stolen/hacked passwords, or systems left unattended after sign-on.

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