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Manage and secure your data, devices, and applications with an unbreakable connection to every endpoint — on or off your network.

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1. Enable your remote workforce  with confidence


2. Remediate devices remotely and at scale


3. Deploy easily and manage from anywhere


4. The industry benchmark for endpoint resilience

Higher education needs higher endpoint security.

Now more than ever, universities and colleges need a centralized way to unify asset management and security.

Get total visibility and control — across the campus, or across the globe — with the only undeletable endpoint defense platform for higher education.

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1. Locate and manage endpoints from Anthropology to Zoology.


2. Security 101: Intro to Resilience.


3. Keep devices safe, off-network, or off-campus.


4. Ace your audits and compliance requirements.

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Streamline device management and minimize the loss in your 1:1 programs.


1. Never mark your devices absent again.

2. Ensure security and compliance don't fall behind.

3. Save your IT teams hours of homework.

4. Know if they're streaming, surfing, or studying.

5. Resilience is essential — for students and their devices.

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