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Eliminate communication gaps across your health system

Everything you need for exceptional clinical care communication. Our secure platform automates clinical workflows for activities such as patient alerts, clinician consults, code calls, and test results. Increase clinician satisfaction and enable users to spend more time with patients.


Secure Messaging
Secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging for your entire care team to improve the efficiency and quality of communication and help you deliver safer and better care. 


Clinical Care
Mobilize orders from the EHR, activate code teams, and support nurse call and alarm management.


Enterprise Directory
One centralized directory for staffing details to streamline communication processes and ensure critical information gets to the right person quickly.


Contact Center
Provide exceptional customer service through best-in-class contact center solutions.


On-call Scheduling
Update on-call schedules for your entire organization with real-time change and updates.


Paging Services
From code calls to disaster scenarios, deliver reliable communications with paging services on the nation’s largest paging network.


Spok solutions aren’t just for healthcare


From the United States government and military, to hospitality and education, there are other industries that benefit from our critical communication software. If you’re looking for a solution that can help you manage your critical communication, visit for more information.

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