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Impero Classroom: One solution.
Any device. Every student.

Introducing Impero’s cloud-based classroom management solution.

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Impero Classroom is the cloud-based classroom management solution that gives teachers the power to effectively use technology to maintain control of the class. 

See and control student devices of any kind with Impero Classroom. The classroom is the only classroom management solution that supports devices across all major operating systems and is fully embedded in Microsoft Teams. Easier for IT, more powerful for teachers. 

Impero Classroom also includes integrated student safety reporting: use the same tool to spot issues and report them, facilitating student management, safeguarding, and intervention.

About Impero

Impero Classroom

Our vision is to build a suite of products that can be accessed through a single platform to keep students safe and productive online. Impero takes care of more than teachers and students – our solutions are built to holistically take care of all school stakeholders no matter the school’s learning environment.

What makes Impero different?


• Impero enhances what you have, with native integration with Microsoft Teams.


• Classroom and Wellbeing integrate as one solution to holistically support your students.


• Working across many device types, Impero provides cloud, on-premise and hybrid options to fit your school's needs. 

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