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Unlock the Power of Location

Leveraging location intelligence to allow users to control their own outcomes



NESA creates innovative technology which combines precision location and proprietary artificial intelligence to simplify the complex relationships between people, objects, location, and data in the Internet of Things (IoT) world, and harnesses it to deliver a comprehensive suite of location-based solutions that solve inherent business problems.

  • Mapping Engine

  • Survey Engine

  • Workflow Too

  • Business Rule tool

  • Reporting Tool



NESA’s solutions are designed within an industry-agnostic INSIGHT Location Intelligence platform, upon which customized solutions are designed for each new market we enter in collaboration with key strategic partnerships with market leaders, to ensure optimized relevance.

  • Location Intelligence- Optimize your time spent searching for assets and equipment around a facility, providing more time for customer engagement.

  • Survey- Leveraging digitalization to verify organizational survey readiness of Environment of Care (EOC) and Life Safety rounds can reduce a hospital’s exposure to risks. 

  • Your Customized Solution- How do you want to utilize location intelligence? What can we custom build for you?



Professional Services- NESA's industry experts are highly skilled and experienced in change management. Working alongside you to optimize your business workflows is what we do best.

NESA personnel has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in aiding our customers to drive efficiencies in their daily workflows and processes, both in the marketplace generally and in the industries, we serve specifically.

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