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Wiliot Makes Sense of the World.

From vaccines to veggies, trillions of products make their way to us continuously with no way to observe, track, or monitor anything about them.

Where are they now? Are they being transported at the right temperatures? Are they authentic? Did they make it to the correct shelf? Are they being used?

This darkness is the biggest drain on capital in the global economy. And it’s an enormous contributor to climate change, as our opaque supply chain results in 40% of all food never made it to the table. This represents 8% of greenhouse gas emissions, twice that of the airline industry.

Now Wiliot shines a light on the questions that businesses and consumers have been unable to address, and the planet needs answered. Imagine if all your products could speak. Now you can hear them.

CPG & Grocery

Wiliot turns the supply chain into a “Demand Chain”

With a single end-to-end platform, Wiliot accomplishes what was impossible before – even in a fragmented way. When one of our IoT Pixels is applied to your product, you can:

Achieve optimum traceability and understand product movement and condition – assuring freshness and regulatory compliance

Address the existential problem of waste - which contributes to 8% of climate change as 40% of food never makes it to the plate

Satisfy consumers and generate revenue by increasing on-shelf availability, and reducing overstock and out-of-stocks

Your products are too precious to be wasted, too important to go out into the world on their own. Let Wiliot illuminate your product’s journey.

Apparel & Soft Goods Applications

Wiliot helps retailers and brands transition to the new world of omnichannel, next-gen instore experiences with more efficient store real-estate and staffing; forecast demand and optimize inventory levels, understand customer behavior, and prevent theft and loss. When one of our IoT Pixels is applied to your product - you can:

  • Achieve item-level product intelligence and a continuous view of how inventory flows from manufacturer to customer

  • Automate your supply chain and inventory to satisfy demand forecasts quicker and more cost-effectively, and drive omnichannel purchase / BOPIS

  • Satisfy consumers and generate revenue by increasing on-shelf availability, improving merchandising, and reducing overstock and out-of-stocks


This is all possible and more with Wiliot.

Pharma & Healthcare Applications

Find what you need when you need it. When one of our IoT Pixels is applied - you can:


  • Achieve real-time, cost-effective visibility of all equipment and supplies, even vials of medicine


  • Ensure compliance and deliver increased quality of care with temperature and full-empty sensing

  • Passively monitor adherence to operating procedures without additional training or friction

  • Transform your business with consignment management, streaming items to providers and hospitals as they need them


This is all possible and more with Wiliot.


How It Works


What is the Wiliot Cloud?

Wiliot’s Cloud transforms raw sensory data into powerful insights and endless opportunities for application development, using machine learning-based algorithms that learn and adapt over time, so you can transform your supply chain one product at a time.

While the Wiliot IoT Pixels produce the low-level, raw sensory data, the actual sensing and analysis are performed in the Wiliot Cloud.


The Wiliot cloud-based machine learning algorithm translates raw sensory information into the corresponding physical domains; for example, temperature change, and pick-up/movement. These programs are continually learning and improving over time to recognize trends, events, and exceptions.


What are Wiliot IoT Pixels?

Wiliot’s IoT Pixels empower every product, every object, every ‘thing’, to sense and fix inefficiencies and problems it encounters.


When combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud, The Wiliot Platform delivers sensing functionalities like temperature and location. Wiliot IoT Pixels connect things to the Internet seamlessly, leveraging a ubiquitous ecosystem of Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and access points.

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