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Following is the latest AiRISTA Flow B4n Firmware

Updated November 2023

Latest B4n firmware version 6.169.589

B4N Charging Update Firmware

Why the Update to the B4n Tag Firmware?

In October 2021, an alternative charging IC component was introduced into the B4n tags to address global supply chain shortages. AiRISTA Flow found that over time and with certain charging patterns, the alternate part could lead to the B4n battery expanding. As a solution, AiRISTA Flow has introduced a firmware update to manage charging behaviour and to prevent potential bulging battery failure.  


What B4n Tags Should Be Updated?

Any B4n tags produced after Oct 2021 should receive the new firmware update.   


How To Determine When My B4n Tags Were Produced?

The easiest way to determine if your tags were produced on or after October 2021 is the sticker on the back of the tag. If the sticker shows Over-the-Air (OTA) on the last line, it was manufactured after Oct 2021.

Where To Get The Most Recent B4n Firmware?

Below are links to download the firmware upgrades that protect the battery on the B4n Over-the-Air (OTA) tags.


Link to OTA Firmware Updates for Vision Software


Note that this link opens a set of subfolders from which you need to select the device name (B4n). Then, under the device name, you will find two additional subfolders for BLE and Wi-Fi.



  • The links you need to share ARE NOT THE RESOLVED URLs that you get in the browser. Use the literal links above instead.



How To Perform Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates on B4n Tags?


If you are not familiar with performing OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware updates, please review the brief instructional video found at B4n Tag Firmware Update in Vision.


If you are not familiar with performing OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware updates, please refer to the attached “OTA Best Practices for Firmware Updates”.  


What B4n Tags Should Not Be Updated?

If your tags do not have OTA on last line on the sticker, please contact our customer support team at for additional instructions.  



Nominal Tag Life

All tags in the B4 family use rechargeable batteries with an estimated life of two years or less based on use. Any tags manufactured prior to Oct 2021 have reached the end of recommended battery life and should be replaced with one of the following options.  


Options to Replace Legacy B4 and B4n tags?

There are two options to replace tags that have reached their expected life.  

  1. One-time Upgrade – For those who want to place a new order every two years to refresh the B4n tags you can order replacement tags through your local sales representative.  Please reach out to them or for a quote.  

  2. Tag Guard Subscription – For those who would like to have Airista perform tag lifecycle management, providing a consistent stream of replacement tags as required, you can subscribe to the Sofia Guard Program. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your local sales representative or email

Updated November 2022

B4N Over the Air (OTA)  Firmware

Latest B4n firmware version 6.159.579

6.159 (Wi-Fi component) 

BLE 579 (BLE component)

B4N Non-Over the Air  Firmware (Hardware programmer required)

Latest B4n firmware version 6.159.579


6.159 (Wi-Fi component)

BLE 579 (BLE component)

Process Guide

B4n tags with  cc2640R2F chipset (OLDER tags - Hardware programmer required)


Latest B4n firmware version 6.159.437

6.159.437 (Wi-Fi & BLE component)


Process Guide


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