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Web Filtering & Internet Security Solutions For Education, Public Sector And Business

Smoothwall develop intelligent web filtering, Monitoring and security solutions designed to protect users worldwide. Our products ensure safety and productivity — without forcing you to compromise on flexibility. We protect millions of users in thousands of networks worldwide.

SWG and UTM from Smoothwall combine our world-first ‘Content Aware’​ web filtering with anti-malware, deep packet inspection, anonymous proxy detection and more. With support for any mobile device your users might bring to your network — or take outside of it — we provide the most flexible, safe Web experience for your users and your organisation.


School-Based Active Monitoring

Smoothwall RADAR is a real-time digital active monitoring solution that alerts educators to incidents as they happen. Monitoring both keystrokes and screen views, administrators can be safe in knowing that they will be alerted based on the level of risk if a user tries to view or type inappropriate content.

Our highly visual display and easy secure access to the RADAR console, allows staff to quickly see and click through to the visual context of an alert. Through monitoring, the software can capture static imagery, video streaming, and webcam activity when activated.

With the ease of use at the core of RADAR, administrators can see the concerns that matter most without having to read through every report. Educators can be sure that their digital devices in school, both online and offline, are fully guarded.


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• Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
• Unified Threat Management (

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