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Board of Advisors

inTechnology Distribution has also appointed a Board of Advisors. 

inTechnology Distribution’s Board of Advisors’ role is to consult with the company’s senior management and team members on a variety of issues such as acquisitions, new service/product development, and strategic planning. The Board of Advisors is comprised of both clients and non-clients, representing a variety of industries and backgrounds.

The members of the Board of Advisors meet individually with inTechnology Distribution’s senior executives throughout the year on an as needed basis. Advisors are called upon to provide counsel on various issues in accordance with their specific skill set and talents. In addition, the entire group holds a formal meeting on an annual basis. The initial term for each Advisor is set at two years.

The inTechnology Board of Advisors from a practical point of view is a resource for new thinking and fresh ideas. They add discipline into the workings and processes of the company.

Our Board of Advisors bring balance to the decision process and experience to the key issues at hand.

Ultimately, inTechnology Distribution is governed by our Board of Directors.

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