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Meet the New Milesight

Safer, Smarter, More Connected

We leverage the value of the top trending technologies that transform the world we live in and are dedicated to working with our partners who share the same passion. We believe that the complexity of security, connectivity, and communications can be integrated into the AIoT solution. Our development and distribution of these products and services demonstrate our commitment to the digital transformation for a safer, smarter, and more connected world.


Advanced Technology

Over half of Milesight's employees are R&D engineers. With a 15% annual investment of the sales revenue, solid knowledge, and years of experience, Milesight has gained strong R&D strength. Therefore, Milesight can introduce innovative products and satisfy customers' needs with customized solutions.


Milesight offers a comprehensive product lineup that ranges from multi-megapixel network cameras and NVRs to video management software, meeting various requirements for video surveillance from entry-level to high end. Get an overview of Milesight's product lines.

Technology —Your security. Our priority.

Milesight is always striving to offer you industry-leading technologies and the most innovative solutions, which lead your life and business with security and clarity, from now to the future!


Awaken Color to Hit the True World


Make Video Management Simpler


Unmatched 5G Speed, Genius Alot Technology


Integrate Radar, AI and LPR into One





Providing an accurate and efficient one-stop solution


A full 180 degrees/ 360 degrees panoramic viewing experience with up to 4K/12MP high resolution


Monitor large areas with flexible PTZ functions


Delivering the communication between devices and assets by loT solutions.


Gaining powerful security and traffic insights to improve safety and mobility


For easy and remote management in batch

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