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Asset Tracking In Healthcare –
Distribute And Locate Assets To Ulitise Your Fleet To Its Fullest Potential

How to Identify, locate and track assets in real time

For many healthcare organisations, managing thousands of costly, mobile assets and equipment is challenging and labor-intensive.


A significant portion of asset inventories are lost, stolen, or misplaced, impacting productivity every day.


RTLS asset tracking solutions can help lower inventory expenses and shorten equipment search times, prevent theft, and automate maintenance with real-time visibility into the location and status of equipment (i.e. sterilized/unsterile, broken/fixed, in use/available), using an existing Wi-Fi network.

  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to:

  • Alert security before equipment leaves geo-fenced zones and prevent theft by applying customised business rules. 

  • Improve operational throughput (e.g. patient flow, or product assemblies) by reducing caregivers’ and line workers’ equipment search times. 

  • Ensure assets and categories of assets are searchable, indicating both room-level location and “availability” status.

  • Improve inventory management with utilisation, par level, and dwell time reporting. 

  • Automate work order alerts and measure on-time servicing to increase availability. 

  • Monitor par level with location-based work orders that improve utilisation and minimise rental expenses. 

  • Track asset movement history to isolate process improvements and optimise workflows.

The World Leader In Wi-Fi And BLE-Based Real Time Location System

AiRISTA Flow is a leader in providing Wi-Fi-based Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), process improvement, and hand hygiene solutions.


With innovative products and patented technologies such as RFID-over-Wi-Fi™, AiRISTA Flow delivers superior software, hardware, and services for forward-thinking organisations, globally.


AiRISTA Flow hand hygiene solutions help meet FDA regulations while RFID, IR, GPS, and BLE-based tags, accompanied by user-friendly software interfaces, enhance visibility into the location, condition, and status of assets, people, and workflows. Partners include wireless software developers, leading systems integrators, and resellers.


Users of AiRISTA Flow solutions include a diverse, international portfolio of healthcare, manufacturing/industrial, retail, and government clients.


• Hardware
• Software
• Technology


Asset Tracking, Personnel Safety, Hand Hygiene Compliance, Temperature Monitoring, Workflow & Process Capture.

AiRISTA Flow is proud to offer Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) solutions to an array of industries in an effort to support individualised organisational objectives.

Industry Segments

• Healthcare
• Education
• Manufacturing
• Food Services and Hospitality
• Government

No two business are the same. The goals of every organisation are unique and we get it. That’s why AiRISTA Flow offers customizable tracking, temperature monitoring, safety solutions and more for an array of RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) applications.


AiRISTA develops and manufactures leading Identification & Track and Trace using passive, active, and semi-active RFID; GPS; BLE; and other technologies.


We offer total solutions from RTLS  consulting to selecting the right technology components with our platforms in order to provide the best RTLS solution for your business needs.


AiRISTA, along with the newly acquired Ekahau RTLS business line of solutions, reveals business intelligence with the power to transform your organisation.


Use your existing Wi-Fi network (WLAN) to gain real-time visibility into the assets, people, and workflows that drive success with our innovative RTLS platform.

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