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Lastline Announces New Product To Protect Entire Enterprise From Advanced Malware

Lastline Detonator leverages existing deployments, such as Tripwire and Bit9 + Carbon Black, to make advanced malware protection as easy as “flipping a switch.”

REDWOOD CITY, CA, October 20, 2015 — Advanced malware protection provider Lastline today announced Lastline Detonator, a new solution to protect the full enterprise including mobile, remote and SoHo users – from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks. Lastline Detonator analyzes potentially malicious files gathered from popular existing endpoint agents and network devices, enabling IT professionals to extend advanced protection to the entire organization easily, economically and in minutes.

“While many organizations have purchased advanced malware protection, few have successfully deployed it enterprise wide,” noted Jens Andreassen, CEO of Lastline, Inc. “Lastline Detonator offers the industry’s fastest, most cost-effective solution to protect the entire organization against today’s sophisticated malware attacks.”

Lastline Detonator does not require the customer to deploy network probes throughout their enterprise. Rather, it uses existing deployments of popular endpoint agents, such as Bit9 + Carbon Black and Tripwire, and network devices, such as Barracuda and Watchguard, to collect questionable files. Lastline Detonator analyzes these objects using Full System Emulation (FUSE™) to detect malicious behavior. Once it identifies malware, Lastline Detonator automatically deploys mitigation measures to endpoints and network devices and delivers comprehensive reporting to the incident response organization

By using existing deployments of agents, Lastline Detonator offers the fastest and most cost-effective means to deploy advanced malware protection for an organization. Implementation can be completed in minutes by simply setting a few configuration parameters. Further, protection is automatically extended to small offices and mobile users, audiences that have traditionally been difficult to protect.

Lastline Detonator protects against sophisticated zero-day and targeted attacks that often thwart competing solutions. Modern malware creators are well aware of anti-malware technology and use sophisticated techniques to evade identification. Lastline’s FUSE technology emulates the full computer system (not just the OS) to detect these evasive behaviors and identify malware other solutions would miss.

“Connecting Lastline Detonator’s advanced malware sandboxing technology with Tripwire Enterprise’s deep system integrity monitoring capabilities provides a comprehensive solution for detecting evasive, highly weaponized malware that traditional solutions miss and that today’s sophisticated attackers are regularly using,” said David Meltzer, chief research officer for Tripwire. “By leveraging the existing agents thousands of Tripwire customers have already deployed, Lastline Detonator can be quickly and easily deployed throughout an enterprise environment.”

Lastline Detonator will be available in October 2015 directly through Lastline and authorized resellers.

About Lastline

Lastline is innovating the way companies detect active breaches caused by advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks and evasive malware. Lastline’s open architecture integrates advanced threat defenses and intelligence into existing operational workflows and security systems. Inspection of suspicious objects occurs at scale in real-time using a full-system emulation approach to sandboxing that is superior to virtual machine-based and OS emulation techniques. Lastline’s technology correlates network and object analysis to achieve timely breach confirmation and incident response. Lastline was built by Anubis and Wepawet researchers and industry veterans with decades of experience focused specifically on advanced breach weaponry and tactics.

Headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Lastline’s platform is used by global managed security service providers, Global 2000 enterprises and leading security vendors worldwide. To learn more, visit


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