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Living Security Strengthens Cybersecurity Human Risk Platform

Adding Phishing Simulation, Moderator-Free Training and Foreign Translation Support

Living Security, a cybersecurity awareness training leader and pioneer in Human Risk Management, today announced new updates to bolster its Living Security human risk management platform to help turn individual employees into assets in the battle against cyber attacks.

The new updated platform empowers business, IT and security leaders to easily identify at-risk departments, customize and automate training and awareness campaigns for employees and go beyond check-the-box security awareness compliance and solve for human cybersecurity risk by changing employee behavior.

"Every other security training product on the market is built to check a box for compliance to show that security awareness training took place, but they all fail to deliver proven, lasting change in employee behavior," said Drew Rose, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Living Security. "Raising awareness and providing training don't matter if they don't actually make the organization more secure."

The new additions to the Living Security platform include:

  • A phishing simulation module that allows organizations to test and measure human vulnerability to phishing attacks safely and proactively by sending benign attacks to teams and tracking their actions;

  • A moderator-free version of the popular Living Security CyberEscape Online team-based cybersecurity training platform;

  • Training modules translated to Spanish, French, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, German and Canadian French;

  • Advanced reporting and analytics that go beyond simple completion metrics to generate an actionable risk score that helps leaders target follow-up training;

  • Integration into Active Directory and single sign-on allow for faster user management by role and department;

  • Training campaign builder that helps users select the right content for the right audience and keep security top-of-mind with bite-sized learning modules.

Living Security's Human Risk Management platform arms enterprises with an easily deployable, customisable and automated training campaign solution that identifies at-risk departments and users so that leaders can target and strengthen the cybersecurity posture for those groups and the business as a whole.

Reporting and analytics transform security training to deliver Human Risk Management, helping security and business leaders understand just how secure their organisation is. Many programs simply rate security preparedness based on a phishing simulation test, but creating a security culture and a secure organisation requires more than passing a phishing test. It requires a full view of where the enterprise is secure and where vulnerabilities remain.

Request a demo of the Human Risk Management Platform here:

About Living Security

Founded in 2017, Living Security's mission is to help prevent cybersecurity breaches with a human risk management platform that does more than just meet compliance needs. It truly changes behaviour. Living Security believes empowering people is the key to ending breaches. Gamified learning and immersive experiences engage and educate users, while the science-backed, tech-enabled platform uniquely provides CISOs the ability to measure effectiveness and program ROI.

Named one of Austin's Best Places to Work, the Living Security team is composed of 50+ cybersecurity professionals committed to transforming security awareness training as we know it and turning end users into the enterprise's greatest asset against cybercrime. Living Security is trusted by security-minded organisations like CVS Health, MasterCard, Verizon, MassMutual, Biogen, AmerisourceBergen, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan and Target. Learn more at


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