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Savvius Spotlight Now Shipping in Omnipliance Ultra and Dedicated Spotlight Appliance

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – August 29, 2017 –Savvius, Inc., the leader in actionable network visibility, today announced that Savvius Spotlight is shipping worldwide in new versions of the Savvius Omnipliance Ultra and in the dedicated high-performance standalone 1U Savvius Spotlight Appliance. Leveraging dramatic advances in network monitoring technology, both appliances significantly help IT professionals quickly identify and solve network performance problems and locate network security issues.

The new Savvius Spotlight technology provides real-time, actionable insight into every single network transaction in monitored traffic, even when there are more than one million active network conversations. This gives organizations visibility into the information needed to significantly reduce the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) of network issues. The Savvius Spotlight technology is available exclusively in new Savvius Omnipliance Ultra models T300, M200, and C100, and in the Savvius Spotlight Appliance.

“Our mandate was to reimagine network monitoring, and with Savvius Spotlight, that’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Jay Botelho, Senior Director of Products at Savvius. “We started with what our customers cited as deficiencies in existing network monitoring solutions, whether that be cost, capability, or failing to be truly real time, and addressed each one. We’re proud to be shipping such a ground-breaking product.”

Savvius Spotlight specifically identifies the poorest-performing aspects of a network by assembling network transactions, or two-way flows, from network packets and evaluates each one for TCP quality, VoIP quality, application latency, network latency and more. It allows IT teams to intuitively map and navigate the network, enabling them to zoom in on specific segments or poor-performing servers or nodes with actionable details for faster MTTR. Integrated continuous packet capture for one-click packet-level forensics (available on Savvius Omnipliance) and the ability to export streaming analytics to Elasticsearch complement the Savvius Spotlight technology.

Savvius Spotlight has applications for network security as well. It can sift through millions of network transactions in real time to identify conversations that violate IT policies or have characteristics deemed suspicious or worth investigating.

Key Features of Savvius Spotlight:

  • Displays network transactions ranked by worst performance

  • Fluid navigation through up to 20 Gbps of network traffic, from network-wide down to an individual server

  • Alerts by characteristic and by network segment

  • Search function for instant visibility into traffic to or from any IP address

  • Filters to support focus on conversations of greatest interest

  • Instant zoom into trouble spots

  • Single-click “Investigate” button for packet-level forensic investigations (Omnipliance)

  • Streams analytics to external or included Elasticsearch engine with custom Kibana dashboards

  • Provides network management visibility and detailed packet-level evidence for network security investigations

  • All current-generation Omnipliance network performance appliances can be upgraded to Omnipliance Ultra.

Savvius products are available through solution providers worldwide. For more information about Savvius Spotlight, Omnipliance Ultra, and the Savvius Spotlight Appliance, please visit or contact

About Savvius, Inc.

Savvius offers a range of powerful software and appliance products that provide unparalleled visibility for rapid resolution of network performance problems and security investigations. Savvius products are trusted by network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world. Visit for information about Savvius Omnipliance®, Savvius Omnipliance Ultra™, Savvius Spotlight Appliance™, Savvius Omnipeek®, Savvius Vigil™, and Savvius Insight™, and to learn about Savvius technology and channel partners. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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