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Improve patient care with Spok Care Connect

Spok Care Connect is the heart of your communications, providing directory details, on-call schedules, staff contact preferences, secure messaging, and more. 

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Use one communication platform to enhance clinical workflows and improve patient care

We understand your health system’s communication challenges.

Communication among care team members involves a complex relationship between people, devices, and hospital systems.

You might be struggling with an overwhelming surge of data, gaps in your communication, or inefficient communication workflows. These challenges make your job harder and negatively impact patient outcomes. There’s a solution to help – Spok Care Connect®.

Spok Care Connect is the unified communication platform that provides care team collaboration, closed loop communication, and secure messaging to enhance your clinical workflows. It’s possible for one unified communication platform to solve the multiple challenges across different areas, departments, and locations in your health system.


Secure messaging 
Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system



Explore Spok Care Connect®:\

Spok Care Connect overview

Improve workflows across your organization, from the contact center to the patient’s bedside. Include everyone on your care teams, from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and transport staff. 

On-call scheduling 
Provide accurate and up-to-date scheduling information at your fingertips


Contact center

Improve caller service through best-in-class contact center solutions


On-call scheduling 

Provide accurate and up-to-date scheduling information at your fingertips



Manage your paging strategy with the nation’s largest paging network

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